As professional organizers of conferences and congresses in Warsaw, we know how many elements details make for a successful congress: the conference room will need to be adapted to the numbers and the needs of the sessions; then there is catering, accommodation and the other individual needs of our client. Preparing the right conference room requires a lot of effort. It’s much easier to design the interior appropriately using 3D technology. Visualization of the project will streamline the preparation and rule out trial and error as all ideas will be simulated and can be seen on the screen. After all, we at Nobell visualize and make it a reality .

3D spatial visualization enables us to assess the need for and the placement of furniture and equipment during the congress. The most important thing is to put all participants in the session. Everyone must have enough space to sit comfortably, and if necessary, be free to leave, so as not to disturb others. Everyone must also must be able to see and hear the speakers. Therefore, the method of laying out all the chairs and setting up professional sound and lighting equipment is very important. In the event of a  need for lighting, the lamps must stand on stable stands. A similar situation obtains for the sound equipment: you need to optimally set up the speakers, sometimes also placing a few microphones in the audience for a speaker-audience exchange.

Visualization and spatial simulation is necessary for planning the space, and so that our client can visualize a successful event, where everything fits smoothly into place, which includes everything from stage design, table placement to catering options. All this can be checked in advance with a prepared visualization. In the event that the client would like additional gadgets, balloons, inscriptions, boards or posters, it is much easier to arrange them and choose the right colours when it is trialed by way of a virtual design. We can then prepare several variants of equipment use and offer the client a wider perspective. The visualization will also help when it comes to estimating the budget and determining all the details. In this way, the project can be mapped out quickly and efficiently, and in accordance with the client’s wishes.