Many variables determine the success of the congress or conference. Although the most important are the substantive aspects, such as discussion topics, or invited speakers who require large financial or logistical expenditure, the event will gather poor opinions if something as simple as the food is not right. On the other hand, however, there is nothing surprising in this. A congress is like a big party and the social aspects need the right catering options.

Therefore, it’s important to make an informed choice about the catering company, especially when so much hinges on their delivery, where the quality of the food will be timely and meticulous. However, we must all do the most important work ourselves, carefully looking at and assessing the menu.

Catering companies, of course, prepare sample menus for such large events as congresses, but in addition to using their experience, the menu should be adapted to the character of our event and the preferences of guests. There is no one good solution.

It is equally important to choose the type of food served, taking into consideration the logistics of the event. If you are planning for an extended longer break between discussion panels, it is better to plumb for a classic dinner over finger food. Small portions served in convenient containers can also prove ideal for certain scenarios.

When ordering finger food snacks, it is worth paying attention to the way they are served. Currently, elegant, disposable containers and small metalized spoons are all the rage, and indeed they are ideal for serving both sweet and savoury snacks. It is worth complementing them with tartlets, platters of fruit and sweets and a drink buffet. When serving coffee, it is worth remembering to provide lactose sensitive options, such as almond and coconut milk.

A very important aspect is the preparation of a varied menu. Already on the congress applications it is worth discreetly having a field where guests can state their culinary preferences or allergies. It is always worth having a few vegetarian or vegan dishes on the menu, so that people who eat without meat or dairy products do not leave the event hungry.

Working with Nobell, all important issues will be raised at the planning stage of the congress, because we look to take care of the smallest details that together make for a successful congress or conference.