There are several determinants for a successful conference. As professionals, we take care of every detail, because the satisfaction of our customers is of prime importance. In addition to choosing an important conference or congress venue, catering must be given key consideration.

Depending on the nature and length of the conference, as well as the number of guests, we can advise on and organize the appropriate refreshments, where we look to suit all tastes. Meals, for example, should also be adapted to the main theme of the conference and have a selection of showstopping dishes.

Another point for discussion is making a decision about catering served in the form of a buffet or the traditional tabled gathering, involving either a form of self-service or simply with everything laid on the table… or indeed as an occasion for waiting staff. From an environmental perspective, less food is wasted when guests serve themselves. Also, from a social point of view the Swedish table allows for a more sociable atmosphere. On the downside, there can be a bigger clean up afterwards. That’s why we propose that conferences for some groups be organized with traditional catering, whereas the Swedish table will work better when planning a large number of optional dishes.

We can also combine these two options. The main course should be served traditionally, and the desserts and hot drinks set on the Swedish table. This solution works well, because the conference participants can make conversation with other participants at the coffee and pastry points. There are pros and cons to all options, which is why it’s important for us to discuss everything with our client so as to come up with the right choice. For sure, the Swedish table will be a great solution during a session break. It is always good to get up from your chair, stretch your legs, and grab a drink and a small snack. Self-service, free access to refreshments is then organizationally justified.

Our extensive experience and consultation in the preparation of catering will allow you to choose the best option for your congress.