This time we decided to trace venues in Warsaw for the organization of conferences, congresses, events and trade fairs for even 5000 participants. Among few we availible, we saw EXPO XXI fair center al 12/14 Pradzynskiego Street.

Huge space giving wide possibilities: four 14m high hall for more that 5250 people where sailships can be shown with theirs sails set-up, where not only cars but even big transportation trucks can be placed inside – the offer of EXPOXXI in one sentence. In addition, EXPOXXI offers also regular conference rooms and smaller meeting and business rooms.Altogether the venue is a perfect place for events of all kinds – those that require exhibition space, as well as conferences and congresses expecting large number of participants and with many parrallel sessions and events in agenda. If you look for a venue or a TV / film production or sport event – this is also the one.

EXPOXXI is comfortably located in the outskirt if a Warsaw city center. It is close enough to be reached by public transportation or by taxi, but still a little away to avoid traffic. It offers a parking lot (outside area and a garage) for up to 1500 cars. We are aware that while looking at an empty halls it is hard to imagine how your congress or conference will look like there. You can expect that all equipment, including even walls set-up, has to be provided separately. But there is no need to bother – venue employees have it all ready for you. If you want to see how your event will look like at EXPOXXI in Warsaw, contact us, we have it ready.