All conference organizers have to tackle the logistical challenge of providing suitable accommodation for all participants. The difficulties increase with the number of participants and the distance of the hotel from the conference venue, and things get really tricky when it comes to international congresses. Failure to secure accommodation for participants is highly unprofessional, and will see its reflection in poor attendance and evaluation. As we all know, organizing accommodation independently can be problematic and much more expensive. So what we suggest is that you use the service of specialists. And we at Nobell are congress-accommodation specialists.

Careful preparation of the accommodation offer will see a corollary increase in interest in the conference; indeed, for many people accommodation arrangements are the key factor when it comes to deciding whether or to participate or not in a conference. We at Nobell tailor such offers to all requirements and budget constraints. By choosing to use the services of professionals, you can be sure that a number of factors will be taken into account, such as the attractiveness of a given hotel: price, accommodation standards, location vis-à-vis venue, and availability of transport.

One important issue cannot be overlooked, and that is accommodation costs. The Internet is filled with sites that make it easier to find accommodation and make reservations, but their role is limited to presenting available offers, without establishing closer cooperation with hoteliers and mediating in hotel contacts with the hosts of the congresses. Meanwhile, a company such as Nobell, which has been operating on the market for many years and has forged extensive business contacts, is able to negotiate more favourable rates, and, as part of the provision of comprehensive services, provides participants with transport from the airport to the place of accommodation – which is especially important in the case of foreign guests who do not speak Polish fluently and who are unfamiliar with the topography of Warsaw. Such activities contribute to a positive impression and testify to the professionalism and commitment of the event’s host or hosts.