You want to organise a large and prestigious conference event in the very centre of Warsaw, but it turns out that it is difficult to find a venue that meets all your requirements? With us you can find the perfect venue – the Palace of Culture and Science is the only venue which ticks all the boxes.

Ideal for conference settings are the Mikołajska, Goethe and Kisielewski halls.

The Mikołajska Hall is 240 sq m and can accommodate 180 people, and the Goethe Hall is equally spacious. The Kisielewski  Hall is 260 sq m and accommodates 170 people.

The Marble Rooms, located on the opposite side, being a mirror image of the marble City Hall Room (both of which are 1150 sq m), are ideal for exhibitions and exhibition functions – you can set up stands here and locate exhibition materials. The Korczak (220 m²) and Trojka (340 m²) Halls, which additionally function as a link between the northern and southern wings – as well as the Main Hall), can also be used in the same capacity.

The adjacent halls of Korczak, Mikołajska and Sienkiewicz, constituting a certain separate part, can fulfil appropriate functions: exhibition (Korczak), panel discussions (Mikołajska) and catering (Sienkiewicz).

The Congress Hall and the oval-shaped Tiereszkowa and Copernicus halls (both 180 m²), belonging to the Congress Hall, as well as the large Mickiewicz Hall (280 sq m) located between them, will fulfil banquet functions well.

In turn, the hall leading from the Main Hall to the Marble and Korczak hall, and on the opposite side the hall leading to the City Hall and Kisielewski rooms, as well as the Sienkiewicz Hall, and several other locations (e.g. the Copernicus Passage leading from the City Hall Room to the Copernicus Hall) are the ideal places to organize the gastronomic part of the proceedings.

From the second floor, it is easy to get to the fourth floor.

The rooms on this level can perfectly fulfil the function of conference rooms for our congress. Located here are the Rudniewa, Skłodowska and Starzyński, Warsaw, as well as Broniewski and Gagarin halls.

The largest of these rooms, the Starzyński Hall, being the mirror image of the Skłodowska Hall, each have a surface area of ​​1000 m² and can accommodate up to 600 people. The Warsaw Hall, adjacent to the Starzyński Hall, on a daily basis the seat of Warsaw’s city council, is, in turn, 415 sq m and accommodates 200 people. Both of these rooms together – Starzyński and Warsaw – can accommodate anywhere between 800-1000 participants, whereas Starzyński Hall can fulfil the role of the main conference room for the congress.

The Broniewski Hall (410 m²) is ideal for exhibition functions on this floor, as too is the Gagarin Hall.

This is a brief spatial plan for the organisation of a congress at the Palace of Culture and Science. Of course, technical issues, the assembly of equipment and catering services have been taken into account.

Also taken into consideration is the facilitation of communication media: e.g., the possibility of tracking on projector screens / tele-beams of the presentation from the main conference room on both floors.