The organization of an international congress is a complex process consisting of several stages. A person who has no experience in planning such events may overlook several important details. By entrusting this task to our Nobell specialists, you can be sure that nothing will be missed. Our qualified staff will take on all the responsibilities of planning and anticipating various unusual situations. They will always come up with winning solutions. However, before we get to work, we would like to share our experience with you and we would like to provide you with some practical advice on the organization of international congresses. What is worth remembering? Which elements should we pay special attention to?

Starting from the very beginning, the main theme of the meeting should first be determined. The world of science, scholarship and business present us with a lot of opportunities, and people who want to share their knowledge can do so vis-à-vis the forum of an international congress. Since we invite guests from abroad, one of the most important issues is to prepare this meeting in terms of logistics.

Item 1: check if there is no other event going on at the same time. If the dates of important congresses overlap, we can expect less attendance than we expected.

Item 2: find a suitable location/premises as a meeting point and for organizing the transport of guests, for example from the airport. In this case, you have to take into account various random events. It’s worth finding two alternative routes.

Item 3: if the congress is to last more than one day, it would be appropriate to organize an adequate accommodation for guests. A proven solution is to accommodate everyone in one hotel, although it will not hurt for the hotel to offer various price ranges so that participants can make a choice. Guests should be provided with comfortable conditions and full board.

Anything else worth remembering?

Information leaflets, posters and brochures will play an extremely important role. If we invite foreign guests, please consider the printing of leaflets, for example in English. It is also worth hiring professional simultaneous interpreters who will take on several roles during the event. At this point, you should also consider good multimedia equipment for both translators and guests: you need to have cabins, headphones, and sound systems. And when one part of the congress is over, it would be good to provide some attractions for the participants. Trips, dinners and theatre visits are all great options, and Nobell is a great organiser!