An international conference/congress is undoubtedly a big event which requires a huge amount of organisational and financial preparation. When organizing such an event, it’s important to strike a balance between making sure that the participants have a wonderful time, and ensuring that the conference does not end up becoming a financial disaster.

Like any other budget, the conference budget has two sides – revenues and expenses. Let’s focus first on spending.

The biggest cost at the conference is the hiring of the venue. You can simply hire a conference room, for example at a university, but if the conference is international, participants must also have a place to stay. That’s why you should consider a hotel that has conference facilities. This is of course a more expensive option, but if we reserve a large part of the hotel for our congress, we can count on certain price discounts. The organization of conferences in a hotel usually also solves the issue of meals, coffee breaks and the conference banquet.

Another important entry in the cost estimate is the promotion of the event, which involves the creation of a website, advertising and promotional messages on social networking sites and on professional portals where information about conferences and postings are placed. In the budget, therefore, you should include payments for graphics, a web designer, and fees for advertising on websites. As an advertisement form, you can also include the conference gadgets that participants will receive, such as pens, notepads or even electronic gadgets.

The next expense is all the added attractions during the congress, for example a city tour, which is worth organising for foreign guests. Such add-ons can offer great variety to what is often a rigid agenda.

Financing the event
Of course, most conference costs are usually borne by the participants or the companies they represent. However, if we want our Congress to be attractive to the participants, also in financial terms, we should look for sponsors. If the conference is dealing with an important issue, it can be an excellent promotional forum for companies operating in the industry and they will gladly pay for the placement advertising banner in the conference room or for the opportunity for a representative of their company to make a presentation.

Hiring a professional company to organize the conference in all its detail also needs to be placed in the budget expenses. There are fees involved here, but the company needs to decide whether to save on money or time.