This sunny September morning made a perfect occasion for a visit in one of the venues near Warsaw – Rancho pod Bocianem (Storc’s Ranch) – a perfect setting for picnic, outdoor, team buding or training meetings. We decided to visit this place as different we received a diversed feedback as far as its service is concerned. Some said that they are totally unprepared for business clients. The others chose their offer from many others. The only way to check this was to see the venue with our own eyes.

And we were lucky! Beside the picnic area, which was and is as perfect as possible and as everybody says, ranch is currently being renovated to beter suit the needs of business clients by changing all conference equipment (chairs and tables to be more like hotel ones and all the same in each room) and beds in hotel rooms (again to be identical, more comfortable and looking better). In addition a new investment is in progress – new part of the main building is being built, where one will find more modern than idyllic hotel and conference rooms.As venue consists of two separated buildings a new pathways were arranged to make it easier to move from one building to another.

Wide offer of catering places arround the Storc’s Ranch (many roofed barbeque pavillions in separated parts of the area arround, 2 banquest halls) and 2 separated buidings give a possibility to run few parralel meetings and at a same time give each group a privacy.

Just to summarise – Rancho pod Bocianem (Storc’s Ranch) is a place you should take into consideration while looking for a venue for picnic, outdoor, team building or professional training.