Planning the event

Planning a conference is a big undertaking, especially when there are a large number of participants. Chaos can be easily avoided if the conference is planned carefully from A-Z. Some basic organisational work can always be done on your own, but when it comes to choosing a venue and matching certain elements with the organisational criteria, it is worth asking for the help of professionals.

Preparation of the budget

A budget plan is necessary for any event, and this is especially true for all kinds of conferences and congresses. With so many factors to take into consideration, experience and know-how are a must. A poorly budgeted event may mean overrun. We at Nobell know how to plan budgets and costings. As part of our offer, we look to distribute costs at the planning stage. 


An extremely important issue related to the organization of a conference or congress is accommodation, especially when such events can last for several days. Nobell arranges accommodation for all participants and at negotiated discounts rates. We organise accommodation for conference events and congresses in hotels of various standards and prices.

Professional 3D visualization – really ‘see’ your congress

The organization of a conference is a very large undertaking that requires detailed planning. Applying all program elements to a 2D project, and then converting it to a three-dimensional plan, allows us to accurately plan the deployment of all devices and conference elements, which is followed by careful analysis. Careful planning allows us to create a detailed cost estimate and predict potential problems. There is so little time for going back over things just before the conference that without a good visualization, it’s very easy to make a mistake. 

Reliable catering is the basis of every successful conference

There are several important elements that determine the success of a conference. In addition to choosing the right venue and the most convenient solution related to accommodation, the catering options also have to leave a lasting impression. In our offer, we include catering by a company with a proven track record, allowing the conference organisers to meet the dietary needs of participants. 


Multimedia for every conference can pose a big challenge, requiring ‘switched-on’ engagement and know-how. Due to the very complex nature of this venture and the need to make immediate decisions, Nobell has prepared state-of-the-art multimedia solutions for conference events, which anticipate glitches at the planning stage. Our detailed and refined plans facilitate the smooth running of the entire conference. 

Conference / Congress secretariat

The Nobell Secretariat deals with multi-faceted support and correspondence between organisers and the participants of the event, including speakers, guests, sponsors and exhibitors. Our mailing comes in various forms – from newsletters to engaging invitations and occasional messages aimed at creating a lasting and deep relationship with the participants.

Graphic design

At Nobell, we see to the professional graphic preparation of all kinds of conference materials in any type ot printing technics. We are well aware of the fact that the professional graphic design of conference materials, stands, banners, signage etc. used during various types of lectures and speeches is of great importance in the context of audience reactions to the entire event.

Online sevices

A conference is an extremely big organizational challenge. Such an event is associated with a very large flow of relevant information between the organizers and the participants. The conference should offer participants a comprehensive and user-friendly platform, where they will find all the necessary information about the conference, will be able to register and to submit their abstracts.

Planning and servicing congress exhibition

One of the key focuses of Nobell’s activity is the planning of exhibitor stands accompanied by assistant support during various types of congresses, conferences and fairs. We are well aware of the fact that the stand is the first contact point with potential partners/clients during all kinds of symposiums and fairs. For this reason, we at Nobell pursue a well-thought-out and balanced strategy that ensures the high probability of success of a particular organizer and satisfaction on the part of exhibitors participating in a particular event.


One of the key areas of our activity is focused on abstract assistance and services. We dedicate this segment of our services to people professionally connected with science and scholarship – professors, lecturers and PhD students. Our priority is to develop a system for submitting and reviewing of abstracts and other scientific papers. The administrative environment that we design provides comprehensive support for authors and reviewers, while all are sent appropriate notifications.

And many other aspects and details…

… which come to mind. Each conference is unique and involves different elements and details. Photography / video, program, tours, transport, artistic components – these are just some of the areas that you will need assistance with.

Nobell Congressing is a renowned company that has been providing services related to the organization of conference events and congresses on the Polish market for many years. Within the scope of our services, we offer comprehensive organization solutions for congresses and other similar events that represent key moments for science and business. You can trust us to look after all aspects of the conference, and that our expertise and professionalism will deliver both benefits and added-value.

The organization of conferences events and congresses is an enormous logistical undertaking. It requires a very large commitment on the part of the organizer, involving both careful planning and a readiness to cope with technical challenges. Put simply, conferences are unique and challenging events for many companies and institutions. Over the years, our expert and experienced team has organized many such events and we are aware of potential problems that may crop up at any time. We are always ready and able to find a solution to every problem. We at Nobell Congressing also have a top-grade risk management system, which allows us to identify and eliminate potential problems at the planning stage.

We oversee the organisation and administration of conferences in an efficient and effective manner. We look after all details from the macro to the micro. The fact that we have been working in this field for a long time allows us to spot details that would otherwise be overlooked. We always suggest innovative solutions that positively impact on attendance numbers and the satisfaction of the participants. In addition, we have a unique group of trusted associates and subcontractors with whom we have worked for many years. With all the foundation blocks in place, we look to make sure that your conference or congress passes off without any glitches. We have very extensive negotiating power, thanks to which we are able to obtain very favourable prices for the rental of equipment, and the booking of accommodation or conference rooms. The organization of conference events and congresses is our core speciality, and we are constantly developing our capabilities and striving to perfect and hone our management systems. In turn, we follow the latest trends and implement modern technical solutions from around the world.

The main area of our activity is the capital city of Warsaw. If you are interested in organizing a conference in Warsaw, we can guarantee you service at the highest level. Warsaw is very much our stomping ground, and the organisation of a conference or congress in Warsaw will enjoy the benefits of having a meeting run with ‘local knowledge’. Having said all that, we will be happy to meet the expectations of clients planning a conference event in other cities or parts of Poland.

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