3D VISUALISATIONS for Conference Events and Congresses in Warsaw

The organization of a conference is a very large undertaking that requires detailed planning. Applying all program elements to a 2D project, and then converting it to a three-dimensional plan, allows us to accurately plan the deployment of all devices and conference elements, which is followed by careful analysis. Careful planning allows us to create a detailed cost estimate and predict potential problems; and then we can send out a detailed plan to subcontractors. There is so little time for going back over things just before the conference that without a good visualization, it’s very easy to make a mistake. We strive to meet customer expectations and more.

In order to ensure the detailed planning of a congress based on a client’s needs, we use 3D conference visualization which supports planning and consultation.

A 3D visualization of the conference event allows us to plan the layout of the elements in the conference room, thanks to which you can accurately develop the sound system and effectively design the entire multimedia coverage. 3D conference visualization also allows you to properly allocate seating, plan the position of announcers and speakers, and organize a security system.

Visualization can also be used to effectively locate catering, external stands or poster boards. 3D visualization allows for wide-ranging reviews, which allows for the testing of several options beforehand.

We operate mainly in Warsaw. If you are interested in having the 3D visualization of a conference in Warsaw, we at Nobell can to provide this service to the highest level.

Every day we deal with the complex organization of such events, combining a visualization service with other elements and details. Thanks to this, we can prepare a practical concept. 3D visualization with Nobell is the right choice!

Make the organising of a conference easier by allowing us to do the heavy lifting. Let Nobell take care of all accommodation options for your conference!

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