ABSTRACTS - collecting, reviewing, accepting, presenting

One of the key areas of our activity is focused on abstract assistance and services. We dedicate this segment of our services to people professionally connected with science and scholarship – professors, lecturers and PhD students. Our priority is to develop a system for submitting and reviewing of abstracts and other scientific papers. The administrative environment that we design provides comprehensive support for reviewers, while the authors of research works are sent appropriate notifications of acceptance.

The system for managing the dispatch of scientific papers is based largely on precise formulas. The user filling in the relevant fields is able to not only provide his personal details and more detailed preferences, but also to add a scientific article in the form of an attachment or plain text. It is also possible to include information about a particular researcher (such as a biographical note) and the affiliated organization. It is also possible to include a description of the research project linked to the sent article. Importantly, reviewers of scientific papers are categorized according to specific research disciplines and conference programme topics.

Thanks to this, a scientist/scholar sending an article in a given field is certain that their work will be reviewed by professors eminent in the field that is the subject of the abstract. What is more, the system for handling scientific work provides the researcher with quick feedback, allowing them, when the average rating of reviewers is unsatisfactory, to improve the written article both in terms of its substance and its style.

However, the Nobell system is not limited to the administrative conveyance of scientific works. An important element of our usability concept is also the composition, publication and preparation of professional book of abstracts and other scientific publications (proceedings), as well as poster presentation of the submitted papers.

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