ACCOMMODATION for your Conference and Congress in Warsaw

An extremely important issue related to the organization of a conference or congress is accommodation, especially when such events can last for several days. Nobell arranges accommodation for all participants and at negotiated discounts rates. We take care of all information issues, as well as details such as transport from the airport or the provision of meals. We organise accommodation for conference events and congresses in hotels of various standards and prices.

Thanks to our detailed knowledge about the organization of these types of events, coupled with our extensive contacts in the industry, we are able to organize accommodation for conferences at the highest levels, and with generous deals.

Nobell boasts an easy-to-use on-line booking system for accommodation (see an example). Our solution is convenient both for organizers who do not need to deal with this issue, and conference participants who can find and book accommodation for the duration of the conference in a quick and easy manner. Staying in few chosen hotels makes a great opportunity for the participants to network with other conference attendees outside the conference venue

Accommodation is traditionally an element considered logistically difficult to implement and is one which comes with financial risk (which is why it is often overlooked by the organizers), but thanks our extensive experience and knowledge in the industry, we at Nobell can guarantee the availability of rooms at attractive prices, which is also an advantage for participants who can positively influence attendance at the conference.

We at Nobell are a Warsaw-based company with extensive experience in organizing all kinds of conference events and congresses.

A conference in Warsaw will always be a unique undertaking, both financially and logistically. Finding the right venue at a good price is a very big challenge. Our company has relevant experience and sufficient contacts to find a truly good offer for all conference organizers. We are able to guarantee a high standards of accommodation.

Make the organizing of a conference easier by allowing us to do the heavy lifting. Let Nobell take care of all accommodation options for your conference!

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