GRAPHIC DESIGN for Conferences and Congresses

At Nobell, we see to the professional graphic preparation of all kinds of conference materials in both solvent printing and offset printing. We are well aware of the fact that the professional graphic design of conference website, conference materials, stands, banners, signage, mailings etc. used during various types of conferences and congresses is of great importance in the context of audience reactions to the entire event.

We at Nobell offer professional graphics for any type of the printed material and for those materials intended to be later made available in digital distribution. Our team is not only expert in advanced graphics programs, but also perfectly familiar with contemporary trends in the design of training materials. In addition, they are open to all suggestions from clients, when it comes to the carrying out of a specific project. Thanks to this, we are able to create a concept that will perfectly match your expectations and will stimulate and inspire the participants of the training to develop their intellectual and professional competence.

Importantly, we at Nobell excel when it comes to the creation of unconventional graphic designs. They include the graphic layout of the conference/congress programme given to participants of the conference, ensuring the final aesthetic shape of advertising folders which inform about a given event, and design posters or utility graphics notifying participants about a given event. Our employees pride themselves on their balanced aesthetic sense. This makes the training materials we design not only valuable in terms of their educational values, but also pleasing to the eye; and as a result they become one of the reasons why a particular conference will be long remembered by the guests. Thanks to our graphic input, the knowledge acquired during workshops will be better recorded, and the participants will depart with unique mementoes of their experience.

We cordially invite you to peruse our unique offer. We guarantee full satisfaction. Join the ranks of our trusting Clients today!

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