Planning a conference is a big undertaking, especially when there are a large number of participants. Chaos can be easily avoided if the conference is planned carefully from A-Z. Some basic organisational work can always be done on your own, but when it comes to choosing a venue and matching certain elements with the organisational criteria, it is worth asking for the help of professionals.

Stage one – determine the initial structure of the conference

This is important for choosing a venue and setting a preliminary budget. This rule applies not only to events. Before working out the details, we firstly determine when, where and how you want to organize the conference, and how many participants you anticipate will attend. Planning a conference in Warsaw, like in other large cities, should not take place at the last minute. This may risk an absence of free dates, a possible conflicts of the dates, and undermine service deliveries during the conference.

An important element of this stage is also the budget. Successful planning of the Conference/Congress means, first of all, determining how much money can be assigned to one participant, which will help us when it comes to choosing the venue, the company and the service providers who will agree to implement the event within a given budget. For a valuation, we should give: the number of participants, the date of the event, accommodation and catering expectations, and planned additional attractions.

Stage two – finding a conference centre

Planning a conference event in Warsaw is a challenge. This is an ample selection of companies and conference centres, but we have to reckon with the so-called ‘hot periods’ when many of these centres will be booked up. It’s also important to remember that a small number of participants means a small venue, and here it is worth ensuring availability in advance. Therefore, conference planning needs ample time for planning and informing.

Planning a conference event is both easy and difficult. The more guests there are, the more we need to get involved. That is even more of a reason to get a professional organiser (PCO) or DMC.

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