See how to organise your perfect congress step by step

Below we present a collected foundation tasks for organizing a large conference or congress. It should be emphasized that this is just the starting point of what is an involved and methodical process. We will try to present just a few of these steps in detail.

So let’s get started!

STAGE 1 Planning

WEEK 1-3

1. Electing event chair
2. Determining general structure of the event

WEEK 3-6

5. Drawing up preliminary budget
6. Developing preliminary structure of conference
7. Choosing a conference venue. Outlining its capabilities, available dates etc.

WEEK 6-10

12. Choosing an official carrier
13. Choosing hotels and negotiating hotel rooms and rates
14. Selecting and negotiating with catering supplier
15. Working on preliminary concept relating to AV; choosing and negotiating A/V supplier
16. Choosing and negotiating with remaining service providers and sub-contractors
17. Determining possible sponsors and exhibitors
18. Preparation of mailing list to potential conference participants

WEEK 1-3

3. Reviewing last event’s evaluation forms
4. Working out event dates / checking dates for possible conflicts

WEEK 3-6

8. Finalizing logo and graphics layout
9. Determining social/spouse programme
10. Determining final structure of the conference
11. Final negotiations and approving a venue

STAGE 2 Preparation  

WEEK 10-15

19. “Save the date” mailouts
20. Preparation and mailing out exhibitor and sponsor invitation letters (“Invitation to industry”)
21. Signing agreements with sponsors and exhibitors

WEEK 15-16

26. Preparing conference website
27. Preparing of registration and abstract submission on-line system
28. Preparing of on-line hotel booking system MORE

WEEK 18-25

32. Collecting abstracts
33. Preparing final graphics for
all conference materials
34. Reviewing and selection of abstracts
35. Preparation and mailouts of abstract acceptance letters
36. Finalizing a provisional programme
37. Preparation and mailout of authors kits (guidelines for poster or oral presentation)

WEEK 28-29

46. Reviewing/modifying/sending of final orders to all contractors
47. Developing an evaluation form
48. Purchase of badge holders
49. Preparing of name badges
50. Preparing and production of conference venue signage
51. Delivery of conference materials to venue
52. Packing satchels

WEEK 10-15

22. Development of a revised budget and fee structure
23. Selecting/inviting keynote speakers
24. Selecting other speakers
25. Defining the registration and abstracts procedure

WEEK 17-29

29. Regular mailouts of invitation to register, important information, call for papers and notification (as needed) to possible and registered participants
30. Registration of participants, sponsors, advertisers, exhibitors
31. Collecting hotel bookings

WEEK 25-29

38. Determining and advising session chairs
39. Determining and advising session monitors
40. Mailiout of trade kits (technical manual) and collecting final exhibition requirements
41. Selection of reception staff
42. Collection of speakers’ biographies
43. Preparing and printing of the final programme
44. Preparing and printing of a book of abstracts
45. Developing the final budget

STAGE 3 Implementation

STAGE 4 Final reconciliations


53. On-site coordination of conference
54. Attending to all participants, exhibitors, speakers and sponsors
55. Collecting all evaluation forms

WEEK 31-33

56. Preparation of the final financial report
57. Mailout “Thank you” letters to participants, trade, presenters etc.
58. Finalizing the accounts
59. Analysis of evaluation forms
60. Preparation of final post-conference report


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