The capital of Poland, Warsaw has seen an uninterrupted period of dynamic development over the past several decades. The city is an important business, academic and cultural centre. For this reason, Warsaw is often chosen as the location for various types of international conferences and congresses.

The capital of Poland enjoys excellent links with other European cities. Warsaw’s Okęcie Airport is served by high-end and low-cost airlines. Of course, the capital’s advantages do not end there. The city has a highly-developed public transport network and a thriving metro and rail system. This means that you can reach any place in Warsaw relatively quickly and easily. No car needed!

Warsaw is the perfect place to organize an international conference because of the dazzling array of accommodation options, which have something for all budgets, whether they’re exclusive, high standard, or cosy. Warsaw is also fast becoming a culinary hotspot as can be seen in the wide choice of eateries, many of which are becoming must-visit places. English is widely spoken here, and all menus have English options. There is no danger of feeling lost in this tourist friendly city.

Warsaw offers a delightful choice of cultural options and historic landmarks. Pay a visit to the Royal Castle, Wilanów Palace, or Royal Łazienki Park. Conference participants will be spoilt for choice in their free time. In addition, participants may plumb for any of the many concerts taking place every evening in the city, including theatre performances.